Highest Controlled Release Fertilizer for Orchids
13-13-13+Mg and Trace Elements
180 days release type

MOLCOAT is a coated fertilizer that is ideal for Orchids.
Mukoyama Orchids Ltd. have been investigating this fertilizer to optimize
Orchid growth over a long period.
MOLCOAT contain 13% nitrogen, 13% phosphate, 13% potassium, magnesium,
and trace elements (Fe, Cu, Zn, Mn and B). These elements release over 180 days(at 25 ℃).


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Coated fertilizer is one where water-soluble nutrients are coated with a synthetic resin or sulfur.
These coating materials control the release of nutrients and prevent the loss of nutrients from the coated fertilizer.
MOLCOAT is one of the coated fertilizers which uses synthetic resin as the coating material.

【Advantages of MOLCOAT for Growth of Cymbidium】

・Release period of nutrients is extended over 6 months. It saves labor cost in fertilizing.
・Common orchid diseases are less of problem than when using a conventional fertilizer .
・Loss of nutrients from the pot is reduced. Thus a substantial savings in fertilizer cost is achieved.

【Qualities of MOLCOAT】

・80% of Total N-P-K is released in the 180 days after fertilizing(at 25 ℃).
・Balance of N-P-K release from MOLCOAT is constant and stable. (See Figure 1)
・Temperature influences the release of nutrients from MOLCOAT.
 A high temperature regime will accelerate release of nutrient. (See Figure 2)

※These rates are just common value using plain bark as a plant growing medium.
The optimal amount of MOLCOAT to put on the pot depends on the variety,
plant growing medium and other environmental conditions.




100 days type and 270 days type

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